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Still (excerpt)

Still (excerpt)

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Still (Stille)

video, 26 minutes

black + white

Music created by Lori Freedman, clarinet,

and Peggy Lee, cello

Editing by Jennifer Abbott

Hahn & Daughters Productions©2001

Still (Stille) looks back to the world of assimilated European Jews during the 1930s. Sixty years after the exile, Wendy Oberlander returned with her mother to Berlin - only to find the dissonance of her family's disapora playing in real time. Still (Stille) transforms a collection of archival footage into an indelible montage of faces, piecing together the filmmaker's inheritance from her mother's story.

An original score by Lori Freedman playing bass clarinet, plus sections of improvisations played by Freedman and cellist Peggy Lee, amplify the tensions between memory and history. Picture, word and music surround each other in a retelling of the endless Jewish story.

Script excerpts, West Coast Line, no. 37, 36/1, Spring 2002. 

The impossibility of names: my early 21st century diaspora.

W. Oberlander, Afterimage, ed. L. Lerner, 2002.

An archive
of the last 30 years.

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